R.I.P Molly

We had to say our Goodbye’s to Molly. All very quick and really unexpected. Molly had a lot of funny little health issues but this came out of the blue, on Monday when I took her to the Vets with a slightly extended abdomen and she was also lethargic. She was kept in for observation and scan of her lower abdomen.

With medication and pain killers she seemed to improve but this morning more extensive scans were done as they were not totally happy with her obs… this revealed a tumour attached to her heart and this was causing the upper cavity to fill with fluid putting pressure on all her other organs.

We were left with no option really, except for one – Chris, Jenni and Myself were with her as she enjoyed lots an lots of her special Salmon and Potato treats which I made fresh for her last night. We loved her, kissed her and sat back while she went too sleep so very peacefully.

This wonder Girl who brought so much love and light to our lives and to those that met and knew her is going to be so sadly missed. I would like to thank everyone who we ever chatted to over the years at various events for taking the time to say ‘Hello’ to our Molly – our flame has died. Annie xx


  1. Lorraine Bott says

    RIP Molly. Bless her thanks to you she had a fab life despite being blind. Have fun at Rainbow bridge. X x x

  2. Tina Bramwell says

    So sorry Molly, we met you at the Pet Show in November, sweet girl hope your playing with my babies up there, breaks our hearts. xxx

  3. Rebecca Amphlett says

    As a rottie owner of 2 to read this just breaks my heart and I was thinking how much I can’t actually live without mine and I was going to rehome then as I have joint problems and can’t walk them but you hear news like this and think “how can i” Bless you Molly xx 😢

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