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The Rottweiler Welfare Association, is a not-for-profit organisation, and was started in 1979 to find good homes for Rottweilers. The association is completely run by volunteers and has been a registered charity since 1981. Our logo says - 'It begins here' and we firmly believe that a dog deserves to get a second chance and find its forever home.

The aims of the association are to:

  • rescue abandoned and neglected Rottweilers and help those who are unwanted
  • Provide all necessary care, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Assess these dogs for adoptability and find suitable homes for them

RWA operates nationwide and have many years of experience in rehoming Rottweilers. We are not associated with any other Rottweiler rescue organisation, but will try to assist anyone that contacts us for help. RWA does not have its own rescue centre but encourages owners of dogs that need to be rehomed to continue to keep their dog as long as possible until a new suitable home can be found, thus minimising the stress and anxiety on the dog. If a dog needs to be removed from the home for whatever reason or comes in as as a stray they are housed in a number of approved kennels throughout the country whilst waiting for a new home. The kennels are all experienced with Rottweilers and are Welfare representatives. Some dogs are also fostered in homes if kennels are not appropriate. All dogs that need a new home are assessed by us, so we can match the right dog to the right owner and vice versa. All prospective new homes are also checked.  A requirement of our adoption policy is that if for any reason or at any time a dog needs to be returned RWA will take it back. All dogs depending on their circumstances will be neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated before being rehomed. Dogs that cannot be neutered prior to being rehomed, will need to be neutered by the new owner within 6 months and a spaying form returned to us. 

Our Dogs

The dogs we rescue are given up for many reasons: now an adult and no longer the cute puppy this dog is perceived as a nuisance and is simply abandoned. A dog is neglected due to the owner not being able to afford the veterinary fees or food for it to eat. Others need to be helped to find new homes due to the owner dying, the loss of a job or home, a child developing an allergy, a family break up and those who are moving house and are unable or unwilling to take the dog with them. Then of course there are the cruelty cases, dogs beaten for no reason, or shut up in a shed all day. These are only a some of the reason,  but it is our policy to ensure that these Rottweilers get a chance to start a new life and be loved.

Information on adopting

Because our rescued Rottweilers are very special to us we insist upon finding them the very best forever homes. To be considered as an adopting owner you must:

  • have a home check from an authorised officer of the RWA
  • undertake to keep your dog as a household pet. Rottweilers are sociable dogs and require human companionship and should not be kept away from human company.
  • undertake to keep the dog in good health and give it good care. This includes providing all the necessary veterinary care and insurance. Proper care of the dog includes assuring that it has fresh water and food, appropriate sleeping quarters in a space of its own. Proper socialisation, training, exercise, play, given it attention and undertake grooming. 
  • have a high fenced yard/garden or an appropriate secure area for the dog to use. Tying dogs outside to a post, tree, or clothes line or promising to always accompany the dog in an unfenced yard are not acceptable alternatives to fencing. This is necessary to ensure the dog’s safety as well as having consideration for your neighbours.
  • be willing to have third party liability insurance
  • return the dog to Rottweiler Welfare if for any reason you can no longer keep it. The dog must never be sold or given away to anyone including family members.
  • comply with any laws and regulations as laid down by the Government, in respect of Rottweilers.

Please read these notes carefully!

  • The Rottweiler is a large, strong, intelligent and determined dog which, like all dogs, needs to be socialised, trained properly and controlled at all times.
  • No one should own a Rottweiler if he/she is not absolutely sure that they can control such a dog and are willing and able to devote time and effort to teach the dog good basic manners.
  • The Rottweiler has a natural guarding instinct without being encouraged to be aggressive. NO owner should take the action to encourage the Rottweiler's natural guarding instincts.
  • No Rottweiler should be in the sole charge, even for a limited period of time, of a person e.g. child, who is not capable of controlling it, either physically or mentally.
  • When taking a Rottweiler, or any other dog out in public, it is of paramount importance to show consideration for other people, animals and livestock.
  • Any person who owns a Rottweiler should be aware that he will be devoted to and feel protective towards his household. This should be born in mind when children are playing, people arguing or visitors are calling.

So you still want a Rottie than please consider giving one of our dogs a home.

We try to the best of our ability to match each dog with the most suitable owner. The length of time you wait depends on your requirement of a dog as well as the dog’s requirements of an owner. If you are flexible about the dog’s age, sex and distance you will travel, your wait may be less, but when applying to adopt a dog, if a suitable dog is not available your name will be added to our waiting list until a suitable dog arrives. Dogs now come into care almost on a daily basis and the website gets updated regularly. Under no circumstances will a dog be rehomed to any place other than a home environment. If after you have adopted your dog you require help and advice with your adopted Rottweiler we are only a phone call or email away.

 Download our application to rehome a dog and either email it to us or post it to the address on the bottom of the form. You can also ring our Welfare lines: 01782 395558 or 01732 841082 to discuss your application to rehome a dog.  Please ring at a suitable time, and be prepared to leave a message on the answerphones.  You can also email us for further details at When emailing us it is helpful to include your name, telephone number and what area of the country you reside in.


To be able to continue our work, the RWA needs support. A voluntary donation will be greatly appreciated when adopting one of our dogs. All donations help with kennelling costs and the care of the dogs.


It is our policy not to place a dog into a home with young children unless we know that the dog has lived with children of the same age range and is accustomed to them.


If you need to rehome your dog, download our rehoming form and return it by email or post.  You can also email us for help at or call 01782 395558 or 01732 841082. If not answered you can leave a message on the answerphone, but be prepared to listen to the message as it may give you other numbers to ring.  We cannot rehome dogs that have been aggressive or are shown to have aggressive responses. Please be aware that your dog may be placed on a waiting list as our kennels are normally full.  We ask you to keep your dog as long as possible, but all situations though will be considered individually. When taking a dog into care for rehoming we would be grateful for a voluntary donation towards the cost of keeping the dog in our kennels, as it can take several weeks or months to find the right home. No dog though once accepted into our care is turned away because of money.


Could you help us by fostering one of our rescued dogs in your home. You must be people experienced in the breed and you would be subject to a home visit by a Welfare Officer. You must also have household insurance for third party cover. If you are interested please email us at or call 01782 395558.

The Share and Care Scheme  has been established to provide Rottweilers with long term care. Share the Responsibility, Care for a Rottweiler.  By joining our scheme and donating a voluntary fixed amount each month, funds will always be available for dogs that find themselves in Welfare who may have no prospect of a safe and permanent home in the near future, because they may be unsocialised, elderly or have a long term non fatal illness. These dog on the Scheme sometimes take just that much longer to find a suitable forever home, but in this way they are cared for without draining our main fund.

The Sponsorship scheme allows people to sponsor an individual dog for veterinary care, kennelling costs or just a special treat. So if you do not wish to commit to a fixed amount each month this may be your way of helping us.

RWA Puppy Donation Scheme

We run a scheme whereby breeders voluntary donate the sum of £10 to RWA for every puppy they breed that is sold and/or contribute a voluntary amount after a dog is used at stud. We would very much welcome your inclusion in this scheme and if you feel you are able to help please contact Olive Davison, RWA Puppy Donation Scheme Co-ordinator on 07913 540321 or e-mail on for further detail. Please DO NOT donate online for this scheme. We are grateful to those that contribute and all donation will be used to help and maintain Rottweilers which are in the unfortunate situation of being in our care. Any donations made will be acknowledged in the breed notes on a periodic basis.

Forms  Find all RWA forms for download. 

The Events and Shows section is for you to find out what places we will be attending to raise money. We are always looking for people to help us with these events.  If you are running your own event to raise money for us, let us know and it can be added to our website. Whether interested in helping or you wish to add an event email

Helping us is where you will find ways to raise funds for us.

Success Stories are our rehomed rescued rotties.  Meet Bella and others success stories. Send us your story and picture about your RWA Rottie and how it is getting on.  Email

Special Dogs  is where you can read about how some of our dogs cope with a special disability.

Photo album Please send us photos of your Rotties to include. All Rotties very welcome, whether rescued or not.

Remembrance pages is dedicated to our Rotties that have gone to Rainbow Bridge.  If you would like to add your Rottie to our Remembrance page, please send a photo and a small poem or short piece to  We are happy to add all Rotties whether rescued or not. If you have not got a scanner or digital camera than email us for details of where to send pictures and we will be able to do it for you.

The Health Issues section is about articles on hip replacement, cruciate ligaments and other health related information.

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