Welcome to our Share and Care Scheme

Share the Responsibility! Care for a Rottweiler

The Share and Care Scheme is designed to help dogs who find themselves in Welfare with no prospect of a permanent home in the foreseeable future, because they are elderly or have long term but not fatal illness or are just difficult to rehome. It is our hope that every dog that comes into Welfare will find a safe and permanent home, but by joining this Scheme and donating a fixed amount each month or quarter, funds will always be available for these dogs.  Your contribution provides safe and permanent care throughout their stay with us ‘however long it is’.

The dogs on this page are also all looking for home. just being on this scheme does not mean that we stop looking for that right home, it just sometimes takes a bit longer. 

All Scheme supporters get an initial information sheet with picture about their ‘chosen’ dog and updates on the Scheme appear in the Yearbook and Newsletter and you will also get postcards from your chosen dog when they need to tell you something.  If you wish to care for a specific dog and it no longer requires care through the Scheme, you will have the choice of funding another dog/dogs or discontinuing your payments.  You automatically become a Member of Welfare as well.

Please consider Sharing and Caring for a Rottweiler.  Perhaps you have had one in the past and can’t have one now, or would like one but it’s just not sensible at present, then this can be your way to help a dog.  If you would like to help and contribute please contact Carole Copeland on 07836 245021 for further details or Download a Word file or a Download a pdf file complete and return to the address on the form.

Please check out the dogs below and choose who you would like to sponsor.


My name is Indie, thank you for sponsoring me, I am a lovely 8 year old bitch who was returned to rescue for sad reasons from the people who loved me.I am very affectionate and would love nothing more than a warm fireside and the companionship of a new home for the rest of may years. I am very happy with Mandy and she spoils me rotten so I am happy.

Lots of woofs from Indie.


My name is Brodie, I am approximately 3 years old. I do have some mobility issues so would be looking for a long term foster home. I like to play with other dogs but I would prefer to be an only pet in the home. I am a loveable, friendly boy that enjoys the simple things in life. Please would you consider sponsoring me?

Lots of love, Brodie.


My name is Bertie, a lot of you will already know me but here is my story in brief: I first came into the care of RWA about 4 years ago, when they rescued me and lots of my brothers and sisters from a horrible place. I found myself a wonderful foster home and loved my mum Jackie very much. Unfortunately she passed away suddenly and I had to come back to RWA (I don’t mind so much as they give me my favourite treat; sausages). My sister Bex used to be on the scheme but she has found a lovely foster home so she said I could take her place. Please would you like to sponsor me?

Lots of love, Bertie.


My name is Eric, and I am approximately 7 years old and am a lovely mature gentleman who loves cuddles and kisses. I also love wandering around the paddock at Aunty Sheila’s at my own pace as I have had lots of joint problems which means I can’t take a lot of exercise but Unle Nick, my vet, looks after me well and keeps me very comfortable. Would you please sponsor me?

Lots of love, Eric.


My name is Ronny, I am approximately 5 years old. I came from a very cruel background where I was abused mentally and physically. It has taken me a long time to learn to trust anybody, but I love my Auntie Sheila and will now be a very good boy for her and do as I am told. I will now accept fusses from her. I may possibly be able to go to a new home but the person would have to spend lots of time with me so I can get to know them and learn that they will not harm me, as before people have always been cruel to me. Please consider sponsoring me.

Lots of love, Ronny.


My name is Jake, known as Shakey Jake and I am about 10 now. I am friendly with people and dogs and love to act like a pup. I love my treats, playing with toys and being groomed. I am very happy living here in Wakes with Sue and all the other dogs (they tell me that it is not like being in kennels really as we get to spend a lot of time outdoors). If you would like to sponsor me I would be very grateful and would be your friend. Thank you.

Lots of love, Jake.


My name is Mack, and I am a very bouncy, enthusiastic senior citizen. I have come to live in Wales since I can’t be trusted around livestock. I love having lots of girlfriends and I am always up for a game and a laugh. It would mean a lot to me if you would sponsor me.

Lots of love, Mack.


My name is Max, I am about 9/10 now and a little bit wobbly on my legs now, but that doesn’t stop me playing. My daily session of tug of war with Rosie and Jake keeps me active. It’s my favourite game and I love to run with the other dogs in our little crew. Please consider sponsoring me.

Lots of love, Max.

Desi 1

My name is Desi, most of you that follow of Facebook page will already know my story, but for those that don’t I have been with RWA for nealry 2 years now and was an extreme cruelty case. I have ongoing medication for my wonky head, but I am a happy chap that loves to trot around the field and enjoy my surroundings. I also enjoy visitors who bring me nice tasty treats. Please consider sponsoring me..

Lots of love, Desi.


Tiny is a large kind rottie male who loves people and always takes love and fuss from visitors to the kennels.
He does have a back condtion that is under control from our brilliant vet who keeps his pain at bay and will in the future opperate if or when it has to come to that, hopefully not, but due to his problem he struggles for a home.
He is a young male who needs us to stand by him, and that is what we are about.
His kind eyes and lovely face melts hearts, we are pleased to have him in our care and pray for some one to give him a home where he can buddle about in a garden and just love like he does.

Ruby and Zac

Let me introduce Ruby and Zack, they came to us from domestic circumstances. They are an older pair. Ruby is a very independent girl, but Zack needs a bit more security and he dotes on Ruby. They walk well on the lead and love to have a run in the field. They are a lovely pair, we don’t think related as we feel Ruby is the older. But! Who cares they are lovely and we hope they will be able to find a understanding home for their old age. I hope you like our choice for your new Care and Share Dog’s, I say Dogs as we couldn’t separate them now could we.